Introduction to Assembly Language

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Main Memory

Machine Language:

Assembler Language:

High-Level Languages (Pascal, C, Java, Prologue etc.):

  • Assembly language is still tedious to work in so most work done in HLL.
  • Translated into machine language by a Compiler (sometimes an intermediate language).
  • One-to-many: One HLL statement tranlates into several or several dozen of machine instructions.
  • Much more abstract and compact.
  • Compilers translate evything at once and only once.  Interpreters translate one statement at a time and every time a statement is encountered, eg. a loop, it must be translated from scratch.
  • Complexity

    Why USE Assembly language?

    OK, then, Why STUDY Assembly Language?

    We will study



    In Ford & Topp 1-23,59-72.  But you must know number systems and specfically how to change from one number sytem to another one.  Eg.  You must know algorithms to change 1367=6A12.